We are raising funds to create a beautiful outdoor classroom and sensory garden for our school and the wider community. We would like the children to understand the concept of sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprints, ultimately contributing positively to the community in which they live.  We are strongly of the view that making this vision a reality by allowing the children to interact with the natural world will yield many positive benefits in terms of their physical and mental well- being. This initiative, undertaken outdoors, provides a safe environment in terms of preventing the spread of Covid 19. The plan for our garden is to not only fulfil the needs of the children while they are at school, but rather for our garden to become a hub of our community.  We would envisage the children bringing their parents and grandparents to the garden at the weekends so that they could take care of their little plot of vegetables and flowers.  Provide a place where families could come on a Saturday afternoon and have a little picnic, allow the community to have a beautiful safe place on their doorsteps. It is with great pride that I am able to say that Hospital ETB heard of our project and came to us to see if they could help us. I have met with the principal and the horticulture teacher.  Hospital ETB have agreed to help us with the planting and maintenance of the garden.  They will help with the choosing of plants that will have the qualities we need in order for them to have a sensory impact on everyone.  The woodwork team in the centre are going to build us birdhouses and fairy doors, the art classes are going to paint and decorate these and the construction class will come and put all these up.  We will in turn give opportunities to the students of Hospital ETB for work experience in our preschool, primary school and afterschool and will give the horticulture students work experience weekly with the maintenance of the outdoor space.  We are all extremely happy to be part of this collaboration. If you can, please go to the link. Donate if you can but please spread the word!  🙂